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Fences: Paintings and Photographs by Jan Ruby-Crystal and Ellen Augarten; New Americans: by the NHS Teen Advisory Group

Reception: Monday June 12, 5-7 PM
"New Americans" 
A photo-voice project by the Teen Advocacy Group at Northampton High School
Through interviews, photographs, and portraits, we share the immigration experiences of American immigrants, refugees, and citizens. We explore the significance of Northampton's designation as a sanctuary city with advocates and public officials and the impact of local and national policy on our documented and undocumented community members.
Paintings by Jan Ruby-Crystal and Photographs by Ellen Augarten
During her two-week residency in 2016, through the Outer Cape Artists Consortium, Jan Ruby-Crystal spent time in relative solitude, surrounded by great natural beauty, ever-changing weather and light. She carefully documented her time there by using sand, natural findings, plaster, oil sticks, pastels, acrylic, watercolor, graphite and personal writings to create a varied portfolio of new work.
Ellen is a long-time, Northampton based photographer. Her new work involves intentional camera movement with the ‘focus’ on elongating strong shadows, trees, fences and the light itself, which transforms a traditional photographic image into a painterly one.
As two dedicated and practicing artists, we have grown from each other’s creative work. For this exhibit our work is driven by light, shadows, nature and most recently, fences.
Our exhibit will include mixed media, two and three-dimensional work by Jan, a set of photographic prints by Ellen, and several collaborative pieces.


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