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Science Fiction and Fantasy (The Modern Real and Surreal)

  • Jane Yolen, novelist, The Pit Dragon Chronicles
  • Elizabeth Bear, novelist, The Stone in the Skull
  • Robert V.S. Redick, novelist, Master Assassins

Where the Real and the Surreal Meet

The Modern Real and Surreal: Writers and Artists on Our Age, is the Forbes Library’s author reading series. Now in its third season, the series explores contemporary themes on the premise that libraries offer vibrant spaces to engage with and explore our era’s most pressing questions – questions that in their surprises and contradictions can be understood through either a realistic lens or through fantasy, science fiction and the surreal. The series invites the community to join us in examining how story and art can provide empathy and insight in our accelerating world.

The series features writers in genres ranging from fiction to nonfiction to poetry. The role of the image in conveying literary themes will be explored, too, in events on comics & graphic novels, film and screenwriting, and nature word-and-image pairings. Current issues from our political and social milieu will also form an important backbone as these authors share from their fine work.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
7:00pm - 8:45pm
Coolidge Museum
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