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The Mindful Way to a Good Night’s Sleep - Book Launch

Discover How to Use Dreamwork, Meditation, and Journaling to Sleep Deeply and Wake Up Well by Tzivia Gover

This accessible guide to cultivating deep, restful sleep — naturally — combines author Tzivia Gover’s expertise in both mindfulness and dreamwork. Accompanied by a healthy dose of encouragement, Gover presents practical lifestyle advice, simple yoga poses, 10-minute meditations, and easy breathing exercises, along with visualization and journaling activities. You’ll also learn how to cultivate your dream recall and set the scene for safe, productive dreaming. This holistic approach extends into your waking hours with tips on morning routines to ensure that sound sleep leads to refreshed, more conscious living all day long.

“Soothing as a lullaby, Gover’s latest work is the print version of being tucked into bed with a warm glass of milk. Bringing her yoga and mindfulness training to shed light (or perhaps dark) on how to get a good night’s rest in this 24/7, go-go-go world, the author asks us to slow down and contemplate the value and importance of how we spend one-third of our lives. Both science facts and quotes from poets lace the pages with reasons why we would want to sleep better and explore our dreams. Gover provides a linear progression of nuts-and-bolts advice on how to get to sleep, stay asleep, experience lucid dreaming, remember dreams, keep a dream journal, and wake up with a smile. It’s all told with gentle prose that makes this book delightful and inspiring as well as practical. VERDICT For anyone who has ever had trouble falling or staying asleep or who is at all interested in interpreting their dreams.” — Library Journal, starred review

Wednesday, January 24, 2018
7:00pm - 8:30pm
Coolidge Museum
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