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Trustees of Forbes Library

Monthly meeting of the Trustees of Forbes Library. Open to the public.

  1. Bills and Warrants

  2. Public Comment

  3. Secretary’s Report of June 19 and Executive Session Minutes of Same Date

  4. Treasurer’s Report

    1. Monthly Report

    2. Gifts, Donations and Bequests

  5. Administrative Report  

  6. Next Meetings

    1. Trustees: Tuesday, September 11 at 4 PM

    2. FOF Meeting: Wednesday, September 5 at 6:30 PM (Hess)

    3. CCPLM Advisory Board, Monday, September 10 at 4 PM (Carrier and Wight)

  7. Communications

    1. State Aid to Public Libraries MBLC Guide for Elected Officials

    2. Grant Notification Letter from MBLC

    3. Letter from Joseph Han, Belmont, MA

  8. Financial Report

    1. FY18 Final Report

  9. Action Items

    1. Trustees Bylaws (Lisa Downing)

    2. Charge to the Coolidge Committee (Lisa Downing)

    3. Sharps/Narcan Proposal (Lisa Downing)

    4. Downtown Northampton Association (Lisa Downing)

    5. Wireless Upgrade (Lisa Downing)

    6. CPA Application (Lisa Downing)

    7. Executive Session (Lisa Downing)
      The Trustees are requested to go into executive session to discuss the contract negotiations with FLEA because negotiations in open session would be detrimental to the library’s bargaining position.

  10. Informational Items  

    1. HVAC Project Update (Lisa Downing)

    2. Air Movement & Quality Concerns Update (Lisa Downing)

    3. New MBLC Study (Lisa Downing)

    4. Strategic Plan Update (Lisa Downing)

    5. Baystate Hotel Music History Project (Molly Moss)

    6. Civic Hub Grant (Molly Moss)

    7. Self Service Option (Molly Moss)

    8. Community Engagement (Molly Moss)

    9. Reports on workshops/meetings/activities  

      1. Downtown Northampton Association (Lisa Downing)

      2. DNA Focus Group (Marjorie Hess)

      3. 125th Anniversary Committee (Katy Wight)

  11. Miscellaneous

    1. Events Calendar

    2. Press Cuttings

Past meeting minutes and additional information is available on the Trustees website.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018 Show more dates
4:00pm - 5:30pm
Watson Room
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