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Rub Wrongways third Musicians In Residence event: Podcasting


For the third installment of the Rub Wrongways Artist Residency, Brian Marchese (drummer, singer/songwriter as well as Forbes Library staff member) will discuss his podcast, Where’s That Sound Coming From (http://www.wheresthatsoundcomingfrom.com/). The podcast generally features one song per episode that has been covered by a variety of artists across time and genres. The origin of the song is discussed, the original is played, followed by several notable cover versions, each of which are also discussed. The fun part is hearing how drastically different artists can be influenced by the same song, but express it in so many different ways. At the Forbes event Brian will discuss why and how the concept came to him and play audio snippets to illustrate. For the final segment, members of the Rub Wrongways crew will each play their own cover of a song that has been featured on past podcast episodes. 

All Musician In Residence events are free and open to all ages.
Wednesday, May 30, 2018
7:00pm - 8:15pm
Coolidge Museum
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Event Organizer

Faith Kaufmann